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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Put Up or Shut Up

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Since you won't post my 5-23-14 comment to your blog article about the so-called history of your cloak-and-dagger movement, I posted it here. That's right, there are actually earthlings like me who've HAD IT with all this goddamn Greek God/Hellen/Celestial/Draconian/Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys garbage that's all over the Web like flies taking to shit. If this shit is true, then SHIT or get off the goddamn pot. Put up or shut up. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, and all that other cliche shit that fits you glory hogs like a fucking glove. If you have to HIDE, like fucking cowards, then you're FAKE and ought to be hunted down like mad dogs. You follow? I don't hide my face or my true feelings, my discovered knowledge or my beliefs from the world. What you see is what you get. You follow? Now, here's "my goddamn comment". I don't give a shit if you post it now or not. It's a done fucking deal as far as I'm concerned. So it is.

"You once stated that the Andromedians "f****d up" when they stood by and did NOTHING while the Draconians put the moon (their spy/population control flagship) into Earth orbit over 12.000 years ago and that they "f****d up" again when they let the big Draco (Lucifer) set himself up as planet Earth's Lord and Master by siccing the Chinese hybrid race on us to control and enslave us for their master for the rest of our lives. So, do you really think for one minute that anybody in their right mind would side with the Andromedians, either?

It seems to me that this whole deceptive, house-of-cards and house-of mirrors thing is an immortality issue. Did you ever see the movie "Zardoz"? It's cheesy all right, but it's proof that NOBODY should live forever.

The "Hellenics" (my term) can shove their "superior" (superior, my ass) s**t up their so-called immortal asses. I've never seen a Draconian but I've seen enough of humanity to not care about its goddamn future, either. The so-called "Gods" need to get the message that people like ME aren't afraid of anything or any creature in the entire universe, including that "Goddamn Fake Almighty", that fake god son Jesus H. Christ, that big Reptilian lizard Draco (Lucifer himself), that hideous, perverse "immortal" freak that half of humanity fears and the other half worships, or those sick, DEGENERATE, demented, Mount Olympus Pan- Hellenic "Gods" from Greek mythology.

You're all just a bunch of egotistical, territorial animals, thinking and acting like animals and living the animal life. Dog eat dog. Gog and Magog. God spelled backwards is Dog, and not by accident. That's what "the mark of the beast" is. Thinking and acting like an animal. And I don't need a lying-ass, Draco-written, "Bible" to tell me that. What the Andromedians are is a bunch of chickens**t cowards. F**k them all. If ANY of you pussy megalomaniacs f**k with ME, I'll show you what real power is. I'll kill you all with a single thought. And my only weapon is being a better person than any of you bastards will ever live to be."

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Woman Fired!

The preceding "Space War Scenario" was inadvertently brought to you by America's Cable News Puppets, part of the Draconian Minions, serving the Dark Side with hate mongering and absurd, outrageous stories that any human being on any normal planet in any other part of the universe would simply ignore. But not on planet Earth, where hate and fear and out-of-control assholes have found a home. But not for long.

Tic Tickedofferson, Interim Blog Host, said on 5-18-14: "I'm with you, Ted. Y'know, they went after that Sterling guy who owns the L.A. Clippers and tried to turn a private remark he made to his black girlfriend into a racist issue. Which it wasn't. It seems to me that his privacy was invaded by a traitorous girlfriend. Or else by his wife, which is just speculation on my part, which is ALL that cable news is now. Bullshit and no substance. Then they tried to turn the Sterling deal into a Jewish issue. Which it isn't. Sterling might even be a chocolate hound, like you, Ted. Why didn't they make THAT an issue? Because not too may people hate chocolate and, let's face it, HATE and HATE-MONGERING is what this is really about. Jill Abramson wasn't fired because she was a woman. That's what man-hating American women (and, Jesus, is there anything else in this country?) want you to believe. She was fired for being a mean, hateful, out-of-control bully who thought she was an untouchable who was above it all. You know, things like company rules, regulations, requirements and standards. And things like showing respect to fellow human beings."

Ronnie WRIGHT replied on 5-18-14: "I heard that. And, hey, even though I still think the flying saucer people are all Chinee, I'll bet those Andromedians have some big-ass ray guns to zap those Draco puppets with. And, oh my god yes, she thinks she was fired for being a woman. When we men get fired we know it's not because we're men. It's usually because we f****d up, or were mean asses who couldn't get along with people, or because we didn't give a shit about anything. That sounds a lot like the shit this New York Times editor woman pulled."

Tic Tickedofferson replied on 5-18-15: "You're the man, Ronnie."

Sam Shithead replied on 5-18-14: "Hey. Yeah, this story is typical pre-apocalyptic hate hype. No doubt she got fired for being an out-of-control bad ass. But the shitheads watching cable news these days can't see past their own shit. It's not a sexist, feminist, Jewish, ERA or age issue. Jill Abramson was just another bad-ass who tried to hide behind a label (the woman label, in this case) when she got caught in another act of intolerable behavior. Yeah. She was a nasty tyrant who finally met her Waterloo."

Tic Tickedofferson replied on 5-18-14: "I heard that. It's a private sector business issue and an internal one at that. And they damn well know it. When you fire a guy for being a bully, it's not because he's a man. It's because he's a bully. But when you fire a woman for being a bully, it's because she's a woman? Jesus Christ, what fucking shit."

Turd Pyle replied on 5-19-14: "This is shit news, for sure, Ted. First of all, you need to control your lips. That smacking sound makes me sick. And what's with those eyes and those faces? Unless you did all that on purpose to see if people would hate you for that. Hmmm. Never mind. Good job, Ted."

Anonymous said on 5-19-14: "Who gives a fuck? People are no goddamn fucking good. I say exterminate the human race and then go after the lizards or grays or insect people, or whatever. Or not. I've never seen a Reptilian or an Andromedian but I know what a goddamn fucking me-first human is. I think the two-gender thing assigned to that species was the real fly in the ointment. A human race without without dicks and pussies would have been nice. And self-governing. What a fucking pipe dream. So, yeah, exterminate them all. Let me help you."

Ellis Ian Wanderly replied on 5-19-14: "I heard that."

Sunday, May 11, 2014

It Ain't Mahjong

And that's no shit.

An editorial note from Ted O'Hooey (Ticked Off Ted), 5-11-14: The author of this video is from Greece. His Greek-to-English translation is not perfect but a lot better than most of us could do in reverse, including me. The images are real NASA images from the Hubble telescope but they are NOT images of the "Andromedian and Draconian war planets", which seems to defeat the purpose of this video. Unless you pay attention. Those images will never be available to the public. That's his point. And that's because THEY'RE REAL. I've seen four of them, myself, through 10x50mm binolulars, orbiting Jupiter in the summer of 2011. I could even see three of them with the naked eye. No, they weren't moons. So, where were you that summer?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pollyanna Poop Principle 2014

Turd Plye, occasional guest poster, said on 4-30-14: "Now that's some shit."

Tic Tickedofferson, interim blog host, replied on 4-30-14: "I heard that."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dangerous Pricks

Tic Tickedofferson, Interim Blog Host, said on 4-22-14: Sure. Every now and then these fucking pricks throw in a rare video that's actually truthful and maybe even good for most of humanity to watch, mixed in with the typical men's men shit that bind most men's men together. These pricks, however, have their own special brand of "cat fascination" with ultra-tech machines, quantum mathematics, particle-beam theories, extrapolated numbers, projected statistics and bizarre off-world technology, without any real regard for their impact on our lives. These are the kinds of pricks who love their cars and Harley Hogs more than their families, those incredibly disturbing freaks who are just utterly fascinated by other men who are also utterly fascinated by science and technology.

These are the queer-for-tech sons-o-bitches who brought you World War I, World War II, Nazi Germany, HAARP, Smart Bombs, Stealth Fighters, Tesla physics, Chem Trails, non-bio-degradable plastics, air pollution, noise pollution, alien abductions and the goddamn fucking list goes on and on. These are the pricks who sold me out as a kid, under that fucking prick Eisenhower, so amoral Grey aliens could remove veins, arteries, nerves and skin from the back of my upper legs and then patch me up with lasers and set me in the woods. When I was only NINE YEARS OLD. You think about that for a minute while you watch that macho-latent-homo fuck talk about how much he CARES about the future of humanity on Earth. This prick is all about HIMSELF.

These are the bastards who make deals with Greys and Tall Whites and Insectoids who steal, vivisect and kill your children in a lab somewhere so these ass fuckers can play with themselves and each other while they watch blips and numbers on big-ass plasma computer screens titillate them with new metal and new energy specs. Energy that you can bet your sweet ass will never be free or affordable. Not as long as these fuckers make deals with dark-force extraterrestrials who are posing as "Light Beings". Yep, these types of men will sell you and our planet out so they can play with metal and electricity and gets their stupid fucking rocks off with other men who don't give a shit about anything else. Fuck them. You can beat them by paying no goddamn fucking attention to them whatsofucking ever.  It's easy, once you realize that they're working for the big Lizard, himself, and for themselves, and not for you.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Family Horror! Betrayal by White Men!! Sick, Sadistic Violence Against Children! Ellen! Medical Commercials Galore! Al Gore! Kathy Lee! Big, Old Racks! No racks! Rack, Rack, RACK RACK! bitching voices drowning out male guests! Susan Harris Shit! Hallmark Cry-A-Thons! Queers! Lesbians! Skinny Bolemics! Below The Belt Titillation! Hard-Bodied Bitches! Girlie Men Welcome! Watch Sick Shows About Kids Being Violated, Just for Your Sick Amusement! Straight, White, Aging WASP Males in Evil Antagonist Roles! Feed Your Hate! USA! Hallmark! We! TNT! TV Land! Watch Spoiled-Ass Out-of-Control Brides Disrespect EVERYONE! Cheer them on! That's right, all the fucking worthless shit you need to feed your sicko mind and be a goddamn worthless fucking Bitch! Right here on BITCH TV! You sorry piece of shit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When The Power Hungry Seek Power

The Amazon.com link for this movie

Sam Shithead said on 3-28-14: "You know, I watched about a half hour of Hillary Clinton Exposed on YouTube before they yanked it. I might buy the DVD Hillary: The Movie to see the rest. But I might not. A former Clinton ass-kisser like Dick Morris won't add much credibility to the claim that Hillary is not to be trusted and that's unfortunate because she isn't trustworthy, not at all. In fact, she's a lying shithead. She's also a white male basher and, wow, have we got enough of those bitches on TV or what? Too bad cable newsmen are such pussy-whipped wimps. Talk about shit.

Anyway, I knew or suspected a lot of this about Hillary and Bill a long time ago, long before this video. In addition to being an evil, power-hungry witch, she's also wishy-washy as hell, fickle, mean, and full of shit. Most of that shit goes hand-in-hand these days. And, wow, has she got the fembots and the lezbots and the queerbots and the loserbots on a goddamn leash with that loud, lying mouth of hers or what? Huh?"

Tic Tickedofferson, interim blog host, replied on 3-28-14: "I heard that."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Two-Faced King

Tic Tickedofferson, interim blog host, said today: "What these reckless libertines in the White Black House spend on travel and parties every year is almost the equivalent of the entire annual budget for Penn State University, one of the largest universities in the world. They might think they're royalty but what they really are is a royal pain in the ass and a giant drain on American taxpayers. So, why in the hell are you chickenshits in Congress just sitting there with your thumbs up your asses? Get these fool-ass freaks out of the White House now. Then board the goddamn place up."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue Eats Ass

"And NOW these e-file scammers won't even send you tax forms."

Tic Tickedofferson said on 3-20-14: "I heard that. That's because they want to FINE you, Ted, just like that Cabal-serving clown in the White Black House. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Y' know, it's high time the good guys (that'd be you and me and millions of others) finally put things right."

Ellis Ian Wanderly said on 3-20-14: "I live in California, so I know what pussies and ass eaters have done to this country. I'll get the tar and feathers."

Tic Tickedofferson replied on 3-20-14: "You're the man, Ellis."

Ronnie WRight replied on 3-20-14: "And I'll cut the poles."

Tic Tickedofferson replied on 3-20-14: "You're the man, Ronnie."

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Madwoman of CNN

She's acting psycho, just for you. Pay No Attention to This Woman.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Live and in Living Color!


Completely Outrageous and Totally Scripted

Tic Tickedofferson, interim blog host, said on 3-12-14: "It's all about power, control and money, especially gold. Hell, nobody loves gold like a human/lizard hybrid. Remember what happened to Lincoln and Kennedy when they said "No" to these sub-life parasites. But, when the good presidents say "No", Obama says "Yes". What gets me is that these bastards think playing "God" and screwing with people is FREE. Not now and not ever. When their time comes for extermination, like the bugs they are, I want a ringside seat."

Ronnie WRight said on 3-12-14: "Me, too."

Ellis Ian Wanderly said on 3-12-14: "Me, three."

Sam Shithead said on 3-19-14: "Hell, Putin's just an NWO salamander who eats and shits where he's told to. The big lizards run the real show."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Fly Who Came in from the Cold

If you're hearing clicking sounds while viewing this video you're probably experiencing "coitus interruptus" caused by Google Chrome's "Pepper Flash" version of Shockwave Flash. The clicks, the hanging images and the jumping frames (often experienced with Firefox), and the machine-gun-like "ratta-tat" are caused by interruptions in the video feed. No, Ted didn't screw up the video. He's in the 4D. Just like he said.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Death of the Web

The Internet's ongoing, repeated failure, since January 2011.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Michael Casher's Feed Wars

Interim Blog Host Tic Tickedofferson's Editorial Note: "What'd I tell ya, Ted? The fucker's still alive and kickin'."

Turd Pyle, Guest Poster, said on 01-24-14: "I hear you, Tic. But, hey, this guy should either shit or get off the pot. No shit news here."

Tic Tickedofferson said on 01-24-14: "Shut up, Turd. Go peddle your shit."

Ronnie WRight, Guest Poster, said on 1-30-14: "Hee, hee. Fight nice, boys. It could be a lot worse, y'know. You could be in Georgia wondering what the hell happened. Know what I mean?"

Ellis Ian Wanderly, Guest Poster, said on 2-2-14: "Tic, I think I did a better job of wrecking this cranky old bastard's studio with my cane that day than you did with your belly. Just a thought."

Interim Blog Host Tic Tickedofferson replied on 2-2-14 2-3-14: "Not a chance, you bee-keeping wuss. Better luck next time." "You're the man, Ellis."

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ticked Off Ted: Suitable for Framing

Author's Note: It's not about me, it's about the message.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Guest Fugitive

Это Фред Фортуна делает сезонный видеотрансляции из четвертого измерения, используя глобальные геостационарные спутники. Если ваш канал прерывается, это твоя вина.

هذا هو فريد فورتشن جعل بث الفيديو الموسمية من البعد الرابع باستخدام الأقمار الصناعية الثابتة بالنسبة للأرض العالمي. إذا تمت مقاطعة خلاصتك، انها خطأك.

זה מה שהופך את פרד Fortune שידור וידאו עונתי מהממד הרביעי באמצעות לוויני גיאוסטציונרי הגלובליים. אם העדכון שלך נקטע באמצע, זו אשמתך.

Editor's Note 11-30-13: If the Arabic and Hebrew paragraphs on this post appear too large for the post section and "bleed" over toward the sidebar, just reload the page. This is "The G" mucking with us. Muck with them right back.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Their Boy Paul

Tic Tickedofferson, Guest Poster: "Ronnie WRight and I fell for that pussy-ass Mock Congressional Hearing that those sheeple held in Washington, D.C. back in May 2013 like two starstruck old fools. We even believed that ol' Paul Hellyer was still the Minister of National Defense for Canada because that's pretty much the way it was presented on YouTube, THE lying-ass turd website of all time. Yep, we fell for it. Me and Ronnie. Like two drunken ridge runners. For about 24 hours, that is. Then we woke the hell up. If the Greys had their own breaking news channel (they do, only it's called CNN,) this is what we'd see on this deal. When Paul Hellyer was in charge of Canada's military (1960's) he worked for them. Bought and paid for. And that's no shit. 

I think ol' Ted, my know-it-all cousin, fell for it hook, line and sinker for at least that long and then he probably choked on the whole thing and got super ticked off. He doesn't like to blog anymore so I did it and if he treats me like ol' Ronnie WRight for posting this, then we'll just have to show him which way the door opens on this cramped little shithole studio of his. Won't we?"

Tic Tickedofferson is an occasional guest poster on the Ticked Off  Ted blog. And, now that Ted O'Hooey has finally gotten tied up indefinitely with dastardly browser and intergalactic feed wars, he doesn't really give a shit about Ted's shit or anybody else's shit. And that's no shit.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shit News with Turd Pyle

My, how accommodating. Now that the FAA, run by lizards, is catering to the spoiled-ass wireless culture at the expense of air traffic safety — and in the face of all commonsense — we know who to blame when the airliners start crashing into each other and falling on us. We get to blame EVERYBODY except those of us who know better. But, oh my god yes, I forgot, every single passenger who boarded every single plane will be a good little boy or girl and turn off his or her wireless device each and every time that every single plane drops below 10,000 feet. Not on your life. Now that's some shit.

Turd Pyle is a guest poster at Ticked Off Ted. Thanks, Turd. Nobody rats out the lying-ass news and the shitheads who make it like you do.