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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Last Straw

That's right. You're smart. You got it. That's the fucking concept. Fuck you. Which is a pejorative and figurative term that's the equivalent of "eat shit and die, you goddamn piece of garbage."

And, that's right, it basically applies to just about everyone who's enjoyed misusing me for their own whimsical, hateful amusement, including the two cocksuckers who verbally attacked me like it was FREE early this afternoon at my own goddamn back door and in my own fucking driveway.

Well, you two circus freaks got away with one because I couldn't get to you fuckers on my partially-paralyzed legs. Lucky you. Now, I'll make this story as brief as I can because it already tastes like shit in my mouth.

Early this afternoon a strange van bearing New York tags barreled down my driveway and I went to the back door to make sure that, if it was a salesman, "they" (an incorrect but acceptable anaphoric pronoun commonly used in modern American English)  got the correct message from the polite note on my back door which said, "If You're Selling We're Not Buying". I was encouraged to put that up by my 82-year-old mother, who spends her days in a wheelchair and who lives with me, after people just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Who gives these cocksuckers their fucking peddler's licenses anyway? Can't they see what assholes they are?

My mother thought that anybody with half a mind and any human decency would just go away and leave us alone. Most people would think that, including me. But not these two "college students", one white and one black, who verbally assaulted me this afternoon with a queer brand of impish, hateful disrespect and intolerable racism that took me completely by surprise. In other words, fucking with me for sport, like it was fucking FREE.

When I got down to the kitchen storm door there was a skinny white thing pointing at the sign and laughing his ass off. Then the creepy skinny-ass white "college student" (so he said) simply wouldn't take "no" for an answer when I told him I didn't want any "FREE" sample of hand sanitizer, knowing damn well that nothing in life is free. That pissed me off by the third time I said "no". This goddamn little fucking bastard had the gall to keep pointing at the sign on the door and laughing. Then he pointed at me and laughed. When I opened the door the white thing backed away from me laughing and pointing me out to the big-ass skinhead black "college student" (so they said) behind the wheel of the van. I snapped and told him to get the fuck out of here and then the eight-ball black thing behind the wheel of that van turned into a typical, white-hating nigger piece of "black trash". That's right. You got the fucking picture. Right in my own goddamn fucking driveway!

"What's you problem?!!" the black thing shouted at me from behind the wheel, too cowardly to get out of that goddamn shitmobile and confront me with his disrespect and too fucking stupid and/or ignorant to speak real English, instead of that low-life crap that low-life black people like to call Ebonics. "Don't chew know how da talk ta nobody?!!" bellowed the black blow hard blowhard. Like I hadn't been kind, courteous and patient beforehand. The fucking sonzabitches. College students, my ass. This hateful loudmouth, a fucking bald-ass nigger "black trash" gorilla, was also fucking with me in my own goddamn driveway right in my own goddamn town. Instead of respecting my "no thanks" and just leaving. That's the picture, not fucking with me in your town. And not in his town. And, nope, not in public. He was fucking with me in my own personal, private space. You follow?

That's when his public African-American ass instantly morphed into a hateful fucking nigger piece-a-black-shit. You morphed, you fucking toad, into a fucking nigger black turd, while you were disrespecting me in my own yard, you cocksucking nigger black toad, while you were also defending that hateful, skinny-ass little white-trash low-life imp who became a goddamn hateful cocksucking butt-fucked queer college kid, my ass, dick licker the very moment he started fucking with me, right at my own back kitchen door.

You goddamn fucking "college" freaks think you can hide behind the sheltered safety of your queer "diversity labels" and come to my home and not leave until you watch me damn near fall over as I tried to get back into the house to call the police. "Go ahead and call da PO-lice!" yelled the fucking nigger black turd while his cocksucking white butt-bud kept pointing at me and laughing. But you goddamn fucking cocksuckers got the fucking message, didn't you? You goddamn well better get it.

Fuck you, you hateful freaky queers dick smokers and your white-hating nigger black racist president who empowered bottom-feeding pussies like you to fuck with real Americans. Just like he does. The fucking racist pussy. He's not even a natural-born American citizen and yet he was elected President of the United States by lesbians who hate middle-aged heterosexual white men, queers pussies and niggers black racists who also hate heterosexual, aging, white men, and by criminals and perverts of all races and ethnic backgrounds and both genders, homosexual and heterosexual, who live on the fringe of American mainstream culture because they cannot and will not respect our European American Heritage and our basic American values or anyone with a lifestyle or point of view unlike theirs. Redneck fucks.

Barack O'Bama is a racist bastard who deserves to be called a fucking nigger white-hating black because his secret agenda is to kill and/or blow up white people, even white children, using anybody he can, even Russian white-trash low-life cocksuckers and hateful "towel heads" Arab jihad infidels. He entered The White House as America's first African-American President — without having legal American citizenship — and quickly morphed into the racist, hateful, nigger-black-ass pussy prez he is now. Ever since the 1970s, and especially since the day Obama started roosting in The Black White House, black Americans think the nigger word is just soooo hateful and soooo racist but — get this shit — not the words cracker, honky, Jim Bob, Jethro or White Bread.

Jim Bob, your hateful ass. Jethro, your racist ass. Homophobic, your hateful ass. I don't like snakes, either, but that doesn't mean I'm afraid I might be one. You stupid, assholes. How did you get to be so fucking dumb? Why don't you queer homo shit-asses and you queer black holes give your fucking tongues a rest and try using your brains for a change? For starters, you can shove that goddamn "White Boy" shit up your Mammoth Cave asses. Boy, your ass. Keep fucking with us "White Boys" and we'll show you what millions of exasperated "White Boys" working together can actually do.  Racism is racism and bigotry is bigotry, no matter who's on the receiving end. Isn't this post teaching you people anything yet?

And if you don't like it, then pack up your queer-ass little mouse and take a fucking hike. And I would have never written any of this if "the straw that broke the camel's back" hadn't gone down this afternoon. So, I'll use my legal right to free speech to call you two "college students" what you are, right here, because I didn't call you that when it was going down because I was just too damned shocked to believe it. Who do you fucking people think you are? My 82-year-old disabled mother lives her life in a wheelchair watching TV or staring out the window. Can you imagine what it's like for her to witness this insane shit through the kitchen window? Half of her world is what she sees out the kitchen window and I'll be goddamned if you little fucking ass-births will queer that for her. When you fuck with us you take the goddamn fucking bull by the horns. Me. And don't you ever fucking forget it.

You got it. If that skinny-ass white-trash low-life ass burger and his fat-ass mouthy nigger low-life poop pal ever try to fuck with me again in my own goddamn home, it'll be the last ignorant, disrespecful "sales pitch" those two fucking cocksuckers will ever make and you Luciferian bastards can take that any goddamn fucking way you want to. I don't give a shit anymore. Trust me. And fuck you cocksucking feds who think your fucking shit doesn't stink and that's why can put me on some kind of "list" because of my public writing. Fuck you. Outside of the cocksuckers who run the Illuminati, you goddamn lawless feds are the biggest bunch of cocksucking criminals I've ever known. If you think for one goddamn minute that I'm afraid of you sonzabitches, Jesus Christ Almighty you'd better think again.

If you fuck with me, you'll live to regret it. That's a fucking promise. And it'll all be legal, not like the criminal shit you ass-births get away with. You federal employee cocksuckers already fucked with me three times now. Who gave you goddamn cocksuckers the fucking right to mess with me? There was that infamous 1972 illegal Selective Service Draft where my number never came up but you drafted me anyway. I took the flag right up the fucking ass and that's something you never forget. Being betrayed and fucked by your own country. For hateful fun. I never got enough money together to finish college after that. You bastards got sued by the ACLU and you had to let me and 2600 other butt-fucked citizens go. We're not your property. You only think we are. You sick, twisted, criminal fucks.

Then you fucking animals took away my civil rights and my privacy with that 1995 butt-fucked FBI fiasco where some vindictive, vicious, criminal Happy Valley man-hating rug muncher lesbian (who's no doubt one of the millions of salivating, ball-busting queer homosexual bitches who worship that llama-faced pagan idol Ellen Degenerate Degeneres and who no doubt voted for that swinging black dick African-American man who now occupies The Black White House). My father had just died and I had to put my grief and my grieving mother and my life ON HOLD just so you queer homo sapien miscreants could fuck with me. You think about that. Take a minute out of your self-centered perverted lives and just think about what it might have been like to be me at that time. Like what you did to me and my mother was FREE or something. Like there are no consequences.

That's right, this nameless, faceless untouchable (untouchable, your ass) rug muncher hateful homo hag steered you pathetic couch potato FBI bozos and that ball-busting bitch show "America's Most Wanted" around by your lazy fingered assholes until you finally got the goddamn fucking picture that I never robbed a goddamn fucking bank in State College or anywhere else. You goddamn stupid fucks. And none of you even bothered to consider the damages you might cause. What? You didn't think about that or... or what?... you just didn't care? Which? Probably both. You stupid hateful fucking assholes. That's right. Happy Valley, my ass. You want to see real hatred? I give you a Happy Valley rug muncher lesbian. Born to hate. You want bonehead stupidity? You want fucking abject laziness? I give you the fucking goddamn F.B.I. Any federal agency founded and run for decades by a little fucking cross-dressing queer homo like J. Edgar Hoover couldn't have turned out any other way. Totally fucked up.

You got it. That's how far straight people haters queers cocksuckers and dykes man haters lesbians will go to hassle good people who are unlike them. Talk about a bunch of fucking rednecks. And now they think they can queer sodomize each other and call it "marriage". Jesus H. Christ. If you can't see the vile contempt for natural forces and cherished values behind this then you have no place in the human race. But I digress. Then you fed grunts probably found out that the fucking bank robber was probably a fucking cocksucking queer sodomite or a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a human being. Christ Almighty. Fuck you all. Happy Valley, my goddamn ass. Queer Pussy Coward Valley. LesBud Man-Hater Valley. The Valley of Hate.

You people are so goddamn sick and twisted and full of yourselves and your aberrant appetites that you let little boys get molested for years while you fuckers sucked and licked and fucked yourselves fucking silly and you thought you were all just as normal as hell. What you are is a bunch of bad asses who found yourselves on a beautiful planet and started misusing it, its true purpose and its natural forces, and everything and everyone on it, right off the bat. Hell, I know it's not everyone in that pathetic, "sheltered community" (sheltered from reality and the law) for heaven's sake but, by Christ, you see more freaks in one day in "Happy Valley, PA" than you'd ever see in one day in The Big Apple. And "that's going some", to use an old Appalachian phrase. Fuck you goddamn freaks. With someone else's dick, that is.

You goddamn Happy Valley snobs. You think your queer shit doesn't stink because you're in bed with Penn State, the institution of higher learning that betrayed us all. Think again, you stupid shits. Being dykes and queers no longer guarantees your immunity from rejection. Fuck that stupid liberal shit. And this blog post is exercising my goddamn constitutional right to reject you sick fuckers — to say "no" to your presence in my private life — and to keep you freaks away from me and what's left of my life. You want freedom? Freedom means the right to say, "Stay the fuck out of my life."

And, of course, the first time the feds butt fucked me was when I got the royal screw job from that fucking Benedict Arnold cocksucker Dwight D. Eisenhower who got America butt-fucked by the Grays for Nuclear, Laser and Slealth Technology and who also got me butt fucked criminally abused during medical experiments by the goddamn Grays (and I was just a little kid — you fucking cocksuckers) so there won't be a goddamn fucking fourth time and you can take that shit to the goddamn fucking bank. You goddamn fucking stink bugs all work for the New World Order, those Luciferian assholes whose favorite sport is fucking with good people. Not with me you don't. Not anymore. Trust me.

All I ever asked was to be left alone. It's so fucking simple and yet nobody wants to do it. Do I come to your homes and fuck with you and make fun of you and shout at you in your own yard and then refuse to leave? You bet I don't. Personally, I wouldn't go to New York City or New York State or "Happy Valley, PA" to take fucking shit but that's not the point. The point is that there are reckless cocksucking, cowardly assholes who think they can come to my home to fuck with me. And then just walk away. Or drive away. That's the goddamn point.

In addition to that, whenever I'm out in public, shopping and running errands and so on, I treat EVERYBODY with respect all the time. That's our duty as American citizens and our guarantee of public respect and safety. So, if I can do that, you can damn well stay the fuck away from me in my own home. You cocksuckers absolutely will not get the message that you cannot fuck with me and just walk away. Not anymore you don't.

That's right. This is a true goddamn story. No fucking shit.

Post edited pro re nata for additional clarity.

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