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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dangerous Pricks

Tic Tickedofferson, Interim Blog Host, said on 4-22-14: Sure. Every now and then these fucking pricks throw in a rare video that's actually truthful and maybe even good for most of humanity to watch, mixed in with the typical men's men shit that bind most men's men together. These pricks, however, have their own special brand of "cat fascination" with ultra-tech machines, quantum mathematics, particle-beam theories, extrapolated numbers, projected statistics and bizarre off-world technology, without any real regard for their impact on our lives. These are the kinds of pricks who love their cars and Harley Hogs more than their families, those incredibly disturbing freaks who are just utterly fascinated by other men who are also utterly fascinated by science and technology.

These are the queer-for-tech sons-o-bitches who brought you World War I, World War II, Nazi Germany, HAARP, Smart Bombs, Stealth Fighters, Tesla physics, Chem Trails, non-bio-degradable plastics, air pollution, noise pollution, alien abductions and the goddamn fucking list goes on and on. These are the pricks who sold me out as a kid, under that fucking prick Eisenhower, so amoral Grey aliens could remove veins, arteries, nerves and skin from the back of my upper legs and then patch me up with lasers and set me in the woods. When I was only NINE YEARS OLD. You think about that for a minute while you watch that macho-latent-homo fuck talk about how much he CARES about the future of humanity on Earth. This prick is all about HIMSELF.

These are the bastards who make deals with Greys and Tall Whites and Insectoids who steal, vivisect and kill your children in a lab somewhere so these ass fuckers can play with themselves and each other while they watch blips and numbers on big-ass plasma computer screens titillate them with new metal and new energy specs. Energy that you can bet your sweet ass will never be free or affordable. Not as long as these fuckers make deals with dark-force extraterrestrials who are posing as "Light Beings". Yep, these types of men will sell you and our planet out so they can play with metal and electricity and gets their stupid fucking rocks off with other men who don't give a shit about anything else. Fuck them. You can beat them by paying no goddamn fucking attention to them whatsofucking ever.  It's easy, once you realize that they're working for the big Lizard, himself, and for themselves, and not for you.

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