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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Put Up or Shut Up

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Since you won't post my 5-23-14 comment to your blog article about the so-called history of your cloak-and-dagger movement, I posted it here. That's right, there are actually earthlings like me who've HAD IT with all this goddamn Greek God/Hellen/Celestial/Draconian/Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys garbage that's all over the Web like flies taking to shit. If this shit is true, then SHIT or get off the goddamn pot. Put up or shut up. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, and all that other cliche shit that fits you glory hogs like a fucking glove. If you have to HIDE, like fucking cowards, then you're FAKE and ought to be hunted down like mad dogs. You follow? I don't hide my face or my true feelings, my discovered knowledge or my beliefs from the world. What you see is what you get. You follow? Now, here's "my goddamn comment". I don't give a shit if you post it now or not. It's a done fucking deal as far as I'm concerned. So it is.

"You once stated that the Andromedians "f****d up" when they stood by and did NOTHING while the Draconians put the moon (their spy/population control flagship) into Earth orbit over 12.000 years ago and that they "f****d up" again when they let the big Draco (Lucifer) set himself up as planet Earth's Lord and Master by siccing the Chinese hybrid race on us to control and enslave us for their master for the rest of our lives. So, do you really think for one minute that anybody in their right mind would side with the Andromedians, either?

It seems to me that this whole deceptive, house-of-cards and house-of mirrors thing is an immortality issue. Did you ever see the movie "Zardoz"? It's cheesy all right, but it's proof that NOBODY should live forever.

The "Hellenics" (my term) can shove their "superior" (superior, my ass) s**t up their so-called immortal asses. I've never seen a Draconian but I've seen enough of humanity to not care about its goddamn future, either. The so-called "Gods" need to get the message that people like ME aren't afraid of anything or any creature in the entire universe, including that "Goddamn Fake Almighty", that fake god son Jesus H. Christ, that big Reptilian lizard Draco (Lucifer himself), that hideous, perverse "immortal" freak that half of humanity fears and the other half worships, or those sick, DEGENERATE, demented, Mount Olympus Pan- Hellenic "Gods" from Greek mythology.

You're all just a bunch of egotistical, territorial animals, thinking and acting like animals and living the animal life. Dog eat dog. Gog and Magog. God spelled backwards is Dog, and not by accident. That's what "the mark of the beast" is. Thinking and acting like an animal. And I don't need a lying-ass, Draco-written, "Bible" to tell me that. What the Andromedians are is a bunch of chickens**t cowards. F**k them all. If ANY of you pussy megalomaniacs f**k with ME, I'll show you what real power is. I'll kill you all with a single thought. And my only weapon is being a better person than any of you bastards will ever live to be."

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